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Family Yoga

I am a qualified primary school and children’s yoga teacher, passionate about supporting children and their families with their physical and mental health.

My Family Yoga sessions provide a perfect opportunity for families to come together and step away from the demands placed on us by societal conventions, slow down and turn inwards.
A typical class runs for an hour and is usually based upon a story or a theme. We begin with a walm-up and then move into some yoga poses (commonly animals) which are linked to the theme or story, the benefits of these poses are explored too. We always include a game in the session, some partner poses and breathwork. A wonderful mindful craft opportunity will be available during the session too, ending with a guided relaxation.

My aim is to give families skills which they can use off the yoga mat, skills which can be applied in everyday life. The sessions are accessible to everyone aged 3 to 11 years old, I ask that the children are joined by at least one family member.

Here is what one of my regular Yogis has to say about the sessions:

Lizzie’s Yoga is so wonderful! We have been to a couple of her events now- Animal Yoga & her Christmas Class, both myself & my 4-year-old really enjoyed it.
She’s so good with the children & puts everyone at ease & the children really engage with her. Would highly recommend Lizzie’s Yoga

For more information about my sessions, please see my social media accounts.

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