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Dinky Meditation

The event will kick off with an invigorating movement session aimed at shaking off any stagnant energy. Children will be encouraged to let loose, dance, and shake their bodies to the rhythm of uplifting music. Through fun and interactive activities, they will experience the joy of movement and activate their bodies, preparing them for the transformative practices to come.

Following the movement session, children will be introduced to a series of breathing exercises designed to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation. They will begin with the powerful Lion Breath technique, where deep inhalations are followed by a forceful exhalation, mimicking the roar of a lion. This exercise helps release tension and allows children to embrace their inner strength.

Continuing the breathwork journey, children will explore different shapes of breathing. They will learn Triangle Breathing, a rhythmic pattern where they inhale, hold, and exhale for equal counts, tracing the shape of a triangle with their breath. Next, they will practice Square Breathing, synchronising their breath with the four sides of a square, promoting balance and focus. The session will conclude with another round of Lions Breath, allowing children to release any remaining stress or worries, leaving them feeling refreshed and centred.

After the breathwork exercises, children will be guided through a captivating meditation visualisation of a magical forest. They will be encouraged to close their eyes, relax, and embark on an inner journey. Through vivid descriptions and soothing guidance, they will imagine themselves walking through a sunlit meadow, exploring a mystical forest filled with towering trees, colourful flowers, and gentle breezes. They will be invited to visualise themselves resting in a cosy hammock, experiencing a deep sense of peace and tranquillity. They will also be guided to visualise a magnificent waterfall, allowing its serene beauty and rejuvenating waters to wash away any remaining tension, leaving them feeling calm, connected, and renewed.

The event aims to provide children with a holistic experience that promotes physical vitality, mental well- being, and inner calm. It encourages them to embrace movement, harness the power of their breath, and tap into the limitless possibilities of their imagination.

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