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Tween / Teen Meditation

We will kick off the experience with an invigorating movement session. The teens will shake off any lingering energy and let their spirits soar. Experienced instructors will guide them through dynamic movements and dance routines, encouraging them to fully express themselves and unleash their energy. They will feel the rhythm of the music as they move, jump, and dance, leaving behind any stress or worries that may be weighing them down.

Following the exciting movement session, they will be introduced to the transformative power of breathwork. They will learn techniques that harness the profound potential of their breath to promote calmness, focus, and overall well-being. Skilled facilitators will guide them through a variety of breathing exercises designed to deepen their connection to the present moment and cultivate mindfulness. Through intentional inhalations and exhalations, they will discover how their breath can serve as an anchor, helping them find inner balance and enhance their overall sense of resilience.

As the event progresses, the teens will be guided through a mesmerising meditation experience. They will close their eyes and let their imaginations take them on a journey of visualisation. With gentle and soothing guidance, they will immerse themselves in vividly depicted worlds. They will picture themselves in serene landscapes and peaceful surroundings, as if they were there in person. They will experience the beauty of nature, feel the gentle touch of the breeze on their skin, and listen to the harmonious sounds that surround them. This guided meditation visualisation will allow them to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation, inner peace,
and perspective as they tap into their imaginations and connect with their inner wisdom.

They will have the opportunity to awaken their senses, enhance self-awareness, and nurture their overall well- being.

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