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Bodhi Fit

Annamaria Pellegrino

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Bodhi – Awaken Your Best

Annamaria is the founder of Bodhi Fit Ltd, which incorporates psychology,
physiology, and science to help you Awaken Your Best. We do this by helping you to
strengthen your resilience, open-up possibilities and create the life you want through
coaching, personal development workshops and fitness. 

Life is full of challenges that we must navigate, and often we fall into surviving our day-to-day. Annamaria is here to support you in navigating those challenges, finding more moments to thrive day-to-day and empower you to have more of the experiences you want.

121 Coaching with Annamaria:

We empower you to begin creating the life you want. We use these sessions to explore what is really important to you, identify the root causes of any challenges/issues you’re experiencing and support you in what to do next. We often work with individuals who are rediscovering who they are, entrepreneurs building businesses, and those wanting to improve their relationships personally and professionally.

Stationery and Journals:

We have specially designed a range of journals and

stationery that use a combination of psychology, wellbeing, and productivity to

support you in looking after yourself, feeling good day-to-day, creating clarity,

reflecting and taking action.

Movement sessions and Personal Development workshops:

We run a range of exciting events and sessions throughout the year. Check out our website, join our mailing list or follow us on social media to keep up to date with events that interest you (including some sessions which are completely free!).

You are your power and we are here to help you to re-discover this and use it to

support you!


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