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Minna Wood

Panel: Food: Your Mood Influencer

Minna is a BANT Registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, a Mindset
Coach and the founder of MetaWell, based in Bracknell and online. She is fascinated by the gut microbiome, gut health, the gut-brain connection and the food-mood link.

Gut and digestive issues are some of the main concerns she sees in her nutrition clinic, as well as many gut-related systemic symptoms such as anxiety, depression, metabolic dysregulation, hormonal imbalance and skin conditions to name a few.

Supporting her own physical and mental health and nourishing her body with real unprocessed delicious food and some of her passions. And there’s nothing more empowering and satisfying than taking control of your own health! She sees this in clinic all the time when her clients decide to become invested in their own health and see their health and vitality transform!

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