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🎶 Join us for an enchanting journey of devotion and sound at the Unwind Stage! 🙏✨

Founder of OhShala Festival and the Open Shala, Emily Cobie, will be leading a 60min soul-stirring Kirtan session that's not to be missed.

🌟 Date: 16th Sept
⏰ Time: 12:15pm 60 mins
📍 Location: Unwind Stage

No experience necessary! Whether you're a seasoned singer or new to the world of mantras, Emily Cobie will guide you through a heartwarming call and response chanting practice. Let your voice become an instrument of love and devotion, as we come together to celebrate the divine through music.

🎵 Kirtan, rooted in India's bhakti traditions, celebrates the power of love and devotion towards the divine. It's a practice that transcends musical backgrounds, inviting everyone to contribute their unique sound to the collective harmony.

Bring your friends, your instruments (if you like but no pressure to!), and your heart's intention as we create a tapestry of melodies and meaning. 🌈✨

See you at the Unwind Stage for a 60-minute journey into the world of Kirtan with Emily Cobie! Don't miss this opportunity to connect, uplift, and sing your heart out. 🎤🌸

Emily began her journey Bhakti yoga after learning and practicing chanting in Kirtan with her teacher Ajay Kumar. Since then she has continued to offer Kirtans in Europe and the UK and holds a monthly community Kirtan in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Kirtan is a call and response chanting practice that allows the community to connect with eachother and the divine. We will chant simple mantra, singing together as a collective to invoke peace, joy and liberation.

No singing experience required! Come with an open heart and mind and let’s chant together!

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