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A Little Boost of Happiness - all ages

This class is aimed at all ages from babies to children, tweens, teens, young adults and parents. You will finish this class feeling boosted, empowered and have clarity on how to set yourself and your offspring up for positive mental health now and in the future.

With my qualifications in Neuroscience and Early Years Mental Health, I will share with you researched and tested ways to understand the power of your mind, resilience and the importance of a support network.

I am a single mother to 4 year old twins. They are part time in childcare and we spend most of our time together. I have studied the mind and the brain for more than a decade, initially for my own success as a professional racing driver, which I did internationally until I gave birth to my fabulous twins. This laid fantastic foundations for positive and conscious parenting both in accepting myself and those around me, as well as being an opportunity to grow, heal and share with others. I believe everyone deserves to understand their emotions, feelings, accept them, speak up, regulate and have a beautiful toolkit for positive mental health

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