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Yoga Bears

"My class is for children circa ages 4-11 years!

Let me introduce my YogaBears and connect you to their superpowers found inside each of our bodies in our energy centres/chakras.

It is fantastic fun and interactive with gentle movement, twisting, balancing, and stretching your bodies through A-Z yoga poses, and partner yoga poses YES yoga with a partner, friend, or parent!

Whether your child loves high energy activities/sports/clubs, yoga is magical and helps improve their strength and flexibility. If your child just loves yoga and wants to give it a go.

Families are welcome too especially if your child feels a little nervous, worried, anxious, or shy!

I promise you will all leave feeling more energised, happy, calm, and stronger in your body and mind! You will know you too are a YogaBear"

I am Jackie a local yoga teacher with a passion and love for helping/supporting children of all ages.

Friendships and family are so important to me. I don’t have my own children and instead share my spare time with 4 godchildren who are growing up so fast!

I am also very sporty, and a runner too. Been practicing yoga for over 6 years. It has become part of my life and I now practice for my overall happiness, calmness, focus, increased energy, and strength.

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