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Dinky Soundbath

Harmonious Sound Healing: A Sound Bath Meditation (for kids and their adult)

An invitation to make space and time. To press pause on the outside world and focus inwards.

This meditation session is created with Himalayan singing bowls and suitable for children 6 years and over. An adult will need to accompany their child or children to enjoy this sound journey experience together. This is an in-person, group sound meditation – no previous experience is required.

The inspiration & intention for this session is to bring children to gather, to support and offer the opportunity to introduce restful relaxation. This might appeal to those who might find it hard to sit still or take time out, the sounds of the singing bowls can be often found to bring comfort with the melodic vibrating sounds.

Suitable for age 6 and over with an accompanying adult.

This is an in person sound meditation group session. Session duration approx 50 minutes.
On the day, arriving a little earlier to prepare for your Sound Journey. I’ll welcome you to get comfortable on your mat & blankets. Getting cosy in your lovingly prepared nest.

Opening with a welcome and soft visualisation or yoga nidra (spoken word- no movements required) Leading into an introduction to the singing bowls, a free-flowing session of intuitive play from myself Natalie.

Weaving in the sounds of the bowls and inviting the worldly sounds to join.

Then to awaken, with some group affirmations, aimed to balance with the group participating.
Allowing the magic to travel with each and every one throughout their day

To support your comfort, I invite you to bring:

A bottle of water for hydration
A blanket and pillow or two per person
Comfortable, layered clothing & socks – (extra points for onesie, Oodies or pj’s)
Your comfort is key, take time a moment to bring perhaps your favourite pillow or soft comforter.
On the day, please ensure all electronic technology, phones & smart watches are removed from your body and either switched off or flight mode is selected. This will allow us to be present for the sounds of the singing bowls, without distraction.

This group session not suitable for those with Epilepsy, a pacemaker or those with potential pregnancies.

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