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Conscious Parenting

Claire is a Conscious Parent Coach who supports busy, stressed mums to ditch the mum guilt and shame. She helps them to tune into their parenting intuition, take care of themselves, develop greater self-awareness and heal their inner childhood wounds so they are able to parent more consciously. Parenthood can be seen as an opportunity to identify unhelpful thought patterns and stories, to break the cycle of passing down intergenerational trauma and learn more about ourselves. It can also be really hard work! Especially in our current society where many people are parenting in isolation. Claire's vision is to create villages where mums come together to support each other both virtually and in-person.

Claire is a single mum to two children whom she home educates. They are a neurospicy family who enjoy dancing, nature and card games. In her spare time she is converting a van for their next adventure.

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