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Sasi Samyl

Panel: Food: Your Mood Influencer

My name is Sasi Krishnan, my passion for healthy living and good friendship has
always been connected with the kitchen. A healthy and well-presented meal of
delicious food has always been the centerpiece of healthy and warm conversation and
community. I am a passionate cook. Good food is my passion. I enjoy preparing and
cooking, sharing recipes and conducting forums for those who also love good food. “If
I don’t cook for my family and friends, I don’t teach it”, is one of the ethos of my
business “Sasi Samyal”. I practice Yoga and I bring in the mindful cooking and eating,
from the energy that is put into cooking as well as eating. I speak about ayurveda and
the philosophy of Indian food, including breaking myths that are associated around
Indian food. I also talk about “Mindset” – my personal journey and share instances
and the tools that I discovered and use that have helped me in my transformation

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