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Plugging into Presence

🌿 Plugging into Presence 🌟

Meet Richard, a seasoned psychotherapist and mindfulness coach who has journeyed with mindfulness since the mid-1990s. His unique approach blends mindfulness seamlessly into therapy, offering a transformative way to navigate life's challenges.

Richard's wisdom shines as he uncovers the heart of the matter: our struggles often arise from resisting our emotions rather than the emotions themselves. By embracing mindfulness and presence, we embark on a path of curiosity, easing the resistance and stepping into a life with less fear and more present-moment awareness.

Join him in this enlightening talk as he delves into the essence of presence, guiding you to connect with the current moment through your senses, cultivating authenticity along the way.

🍃 Seeking guidance or looking to explore your inner world? Richard offers Individual and Couples' Therapy via Zoom, as well as rejuvenating Walking Therapy amidst the natural beauty of Camberley's parks and woodlands.

Specializing in:
✨ Mindfulness
✨ Anxiety
✨ Stress
✨ Self-esteem
✨ Confidence Issues

Life can get puzzling, and Richard provides a safe haven to openly discuss whatever's on your mind. Therapy isn't just about healing; it's about crafting self-awareness, redefining your perspective on the world, and embracing each moment mindfully.

Therapy paves the way for a deeper relationship with yourself, allowing you to understand your inner dynamics and the connections that shape your choices and aspirations.

Let's dive into the art of presence and self-discovery with Richard's insightful guidance. 🌈🙏

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