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Stress Less - Power Up!

Can you see stress? Can you see anxiety? Do they affect you?
Emotions are an energy.
This energy can accumulate over time affecting your moods, behaviours, relationships, health and even productivity.
Discover and experience techniques to remove these energies to leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and revitalised.

Odette Meredith , Pranic Healing Level 1 Instructor with Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland
Odette discovered Pranic Healing in 2012 whilst working as a Human Givens Psychotherapist in private practice. She particularly liked the scientific approach to understanding mental health through the teachings of Pranic Psychotherapy. She now works as a Pranic Healing Level 1 Instructor and Pranic Therapist helping patients with both physical and psychological conditions. She encourages clients to learn the techniques themselves, as the opportunity for transformation in all aspects of their life can only be enhanced when understanding the energetic anatomy.

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