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Nikki St. Paul

Panel: Ignite the feminine power

Nikki is a Mind, Body, and Breath Coach and the Founder of Breathing Mindful
Coaching. She combines her expertise in breathwork, coaching, and mindfulness
meditation to provide holistic support to her clients. She is a certified life and breath
coach and an accredited mindfulness meditation teacher. She supports Women (Female Founders) who are 'always on', exhausted and overwhelmed to speed up by slowing down, pausing and resting, to achieve sustainable success and thrive in their personal & professional lives.

Rest Fest is a rest circle, a safe space to rest. Come along and delve deep into a nourishing rest practice. Be guided through calming, balancing, and grounding
breathwork, mindful movement, and mindful meditation set to music. Let's tackle the
'rest is a reward' narrative head-on. This is a 'come as you are' session. You will need
to bring your yoga mat to sit on, wear your comfy clothing, and a bottle of water. You
may want to bring a blanket as will be doing some practices lying down.

In this fast-paced world where rest is often seen as a reward for hard work, Rest Fest
is an opportunity to finally stop talking about not being rested and rest. Rest is our
divine human right. It's time to relax, reset, and celebrate the power of rest! Sign up
for this session and say YES to rest and YES to yourself.

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