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Journey with Nikita
Discover Your Dharma

Are you tired of living a life which is not aligned with who you really are?

I’m Nikita and Dharma is one of my favourite words! A Sanskrit word loosely translated as ‘life purpose’ derives from ancient Hinduism, based on the underlying belief that we are all on Earth to contribute our unique gifts and unravel our soul’s calling.
I was fortunate to discover my purpose from a young age and I am passionate about guiding others to find theirs. I believe we are going through an era of great change; a global shift that is urging us to step up and be true to our authentic selves.

In this insightful workshop, we will plant a seed through a series of guided meditations and an introduction to the framework of neurological levels of change, which I have studied for more than a decade in Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is my wish that we eventually live in a world, where we are all aligned with our soul’s unique purpose.

More About Nikita

Nikita Thakrar has been shortlisted as ‘Yoga Teacher of the Year’ by OM Yoga Awards.
Om Magazine has launched a brand-new awards scheme to recognise some of the exceptional talent in the yoga world. First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK.

DNC Dance & Yoga Studio is also proud to announce that they have been nominated as ‘Yoga studio of the year’. Both awards recognise Nikita’s consistent commitment and contribution to the field of yoga.

With a passion for wellbeing and personal development that has inspired countless individuals, Nikita has demonstrated unwavering commitment to her students' self-growth, enhancing their physical and mental health particularly during the pandemic when she continued offering online classes. Her innovative teaching methods, compassionate guidance, and ability to create a nurturing and inclusive environment has shortlisted her amongst 10 of the most experienced Yoga teachers in the country.

Nikita who is moving to Wokingham later this month reflects; “I am extremely grateful to be recognised for not just one but two awards by Om Yoga. Since the pandemic I have felt a strong calling towards using Yoga, Meditation & Reiki as a form of healing for myself and others. One of my proudest achievements is launching a free guided meditation channel which has helped people all over the world find inner peace. I am thankful to my loyal group of students for supporting my endeavours and I am looking forward to serving the Wokingham community”.
Nikita is going to be running classes, workshops, and retreats at Sarvanga studio in Wokingham, with a mission to empower people to explore the physical, mindful and spiritual aspects of yoga. She is also doing a talk about discovering your dharma (life purpose) at Mindset Unlimited Festival in September.

The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday 14th October 2023 at the OM Yoga Show in London. Voting is now open. Click here to vote for your favourite yoga teacher and studio: OM Yoga Awards | Om Yoga Magazine (

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