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Neurodiversity Uncovered - Panel Discussion

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Join us at the Mindset Unlimited Festival for a thought-provoking journey into the world of Neurodiversity! 🧠🌈

🎙️ Hosted by our founder and in-house presenter Alex, our "Neurodiversity Uncovered" panel brings together experts in the field: Hester and Kelly Grainger, founders of Perfectly Autistic, and Careers Consultant Emma Butler. Get ready to dive into this dynamic and evolving topic that's reshaping our understanding of diversity.

🤝The topic is complex and vast. It is a dynamic and evolving field. We plan on raising awareness on what Neurodiversity is; to share ideas into how to embrace yours and others’ Neurodiversity; how to support those around us and create a supportive environment; how to talk to employers about your Neurodiversity; and we will help provide you with where to go for further help.

🌟 What to feel heard? During the session we will be taking questions from the audience. If you would like, please DM us your question and we will ensure our panelists answer it on the day 🌟

📅 Save the date and join us to expand your horizons at the Mindset Unlimited Festival. Let's celebrate differences, foster understanding, and pave the way for a more inclusive future! ✨


Hester & Kelly Grainger

Former TV and radio presenter Hester Grainger started her career at ITV presenting daily on
The Wright Stuff. She then went on to work on Loose Women and Today with Des and Mel.
Hester is a regular on BBC Radio having her own weekly evening show and regularly being
invited to speak on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, BBC World Service, BBC Wales and more!

Hester is also neurodiversity speaker, workplace consultant and certified ADHD coach and
leading advocate for awareness and acceptance of ADHD, autism and neurodiversity as a
whole. Most recently Hester was asked to speak at The Disability Expo at the Excel and has
also spoken to and trained organisations including Sony Music, Greater London Authority
and HM Courts and Tribunals.

After both of her children were diagnosed as autistic and with ADHD a few years ago,
Hester’s husband Kelly went on to also be diagnosed with both conditions too. Hester is
neurodivergent herself having been diagnosed with ADHD in her forties.

Together Hester and Kelly founded Perfectly Autistic, a neurodiversity consultancy working
with a host of high-profile global brands to help them understand the benefits that
neurodivergent employees bring to an organisation offering them training and coaching.

They are also partners with Mind, producing training, toolkits and videos to help support
neurodivergent employees and business owners.

Hester is also a freelance writer having written for Huffington Post, Evening Standard,
Arabian Business, Reader’s Digest, The Sun and iNews, writing about being diagnosed with
ADHD in her forties, parenting, being a mum to her two autistic and ADHD children with her
autistic husband and life as a neurodivergent family. She was also features editor for
Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Living magazine a glossy magazine for a number of years.
Instagram @hesteradhd
Instagram @perfectly.autistic

Emma Butler

Emma has both a personal and professional interest in neurodiversity. Predominately working in universities for more than 25 years she supports people with their career decision-making and coaches them through the application stages. Emma is particularly passionate about 'levelling the playing field' and for everyone to have equal opportunities in education and employment no matter what challenges they face

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