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Katie Hart

Panel: Anxiety, Self Love & Body Confidence

I’m Katie, Certified Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator & Level II Reiki Practitioner

I battled with my own mental health for most of my twenties. I experienced first-hand the toll that anxiety and chronic stress can have on the mind and body. It resulted in me making my mind and body very sick. Unable to set boundaries and say no, I needed to people please to feel loved. Shame ruled my life telling me that I was unworthy and a failure. I constantly felt drained and lacked confidence.

The pandemic made me realise I needed to prioritise my mental health. I experienced what some might call my dark night of the soul. Depression and anxiety had won. I was in a very dark hole and it felt like there was no way out. Feeling completely broken I began to piece myself together. I started to set boundaries, learn to love myself and heal.

During this period of healing, I discovered the power of breathwork. It was a way for me to reconnect with myself. It was a safe space for me to release emotions, quieten my mind and become empowered. Breathwork became my number one tool for self-care. I was immediately hooked simply because of the way breathwork made me feel.

Before I retrained in alternative therapies I was an actor. My passion for singing and voice work helped to ignite my passion for breathwork. I felt called to explore the science and spirituality behind the power of the breath. My goal is to create a world where we all feel a little less alone. To do this, I'm now on a mission to help everyone transform their lives and overcome their anxiety. I want people to live feeling empowered, worthy and confident. I know first-hand how broken it can feel not to be living as your true self.

When I'm not guiding others on their own journey, you'll find me in the ocean. It's my happy place, I love to surf and swim. I'm always keen for an adventure and will never turn down an opportunity to explore. I'll never lose my love for performing and will happily sing along to any musical theatre song at the top of my voice. I have discovered my soul purpose of helping others heal their anxiety. I love sharing the gift of breathwork and reiki with others.

About the Company:
Transform your life and free yourself from anxiety. Live a life feeling deserving of self-worth, empowerment, and confidence, all with the guidance of a certified trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and Usui Reiki practitioner.

This company was created to offer genuine help in healing anxiety. I use an array of alternative therapies to help you reconnect with yourself so you can truly feel worthy, empowered, and confident. You'll stop searching for happiness; instead, you'll experience it firsthand and start living it.

An overactive mind can cause you to anxiously try to think your way out of a situation. My practice is all about quietening the mind so you can reconnect with yourself and your body. This is so you're able to feel resiliant in chaotic or stressful situations.

I incorporate alternative therapies such as somatic breathwork, Usui Reiki, guided meditation, oracle cards, journal prompts, and mindfulness practices. These alternative therapies alleviate the symptoms that have been causing your anxiety and help you reconnect with yourself.

Here at KatieHart.JustBreathe, you won't get lost in a sea of others seeking mental health support. Instead, you'll receive personalised care tailored specifically to you.

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