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Empowered Mindset: Navigating perimenopause and Menopause Metamorphosis

A fascinating talk by highly qualified Integrative Health, Nutrition and Mindset coach and Hypnotherapist Fatima Martindill.
I have had so many chats with women, and men, recently about the "dreaded menopause". It seems it isn't just women who want to learn more about it (can you even believe that we women, on the whole, don't have a clue about what happens to our bodies or how to cope with it???) But men want to understand it better too. After all, they have partners, mothers, children, friends who will/are going through it and also need to know how to support them...

Fatima can help us!

Discover how to embrace perimenopause and menopause with confidence and grace. This empowering talk provides insights into physical changes, emotional well-being, and societal perceptions. Learn strategies for self-care, resilience, and creating an empowered mindset to navigate this transformative phase with wisdom and self-discovery. Fatima is also part of the team at Feed My Health

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