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Dr. Lindsay Browning

Unlock The Power Of Sleep

Dr Lindsay Browning is an international sleep expert, psychologist and best-selling
author. She founded Trouble Sleeping in 2006 to help
companies and individuals with better sleep. She works with the NHS, police, utility
companies and the airline industry to advise on shift work and sleep. She also works
with organisations proving wellbeing and sleep sessions, and also works in Sleep
Tourism. Dr Browning is often asked to appear on TV, radio and in print media to
comment on sleep issues. Her qualifications include two degrees in neuroscience and
psychology and also a doctorate from the University of Oxford in the treatment of
insomnia. Dr Browning has written the Amazon No 1 self-help sleep book, Navigating
Sleeplessness, and can be found on all social media.

Getting a good night's sleep is a vital part of staying physically and mentally healthy.
This talk will cover why sleep is so important and give you some tips to improve your

- Why is sleep so important?
- Sleep is your superpower
- How much sleep do you
- How can you improve your sleep?
- Top sleep tips

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