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Dajana Paliokaite

Panel: Access the power of your mindset & Panel: Food: Your Mood Influencer

Mindset Kitchen is where passion for food meets the power of the mind. Dajana
Paliokaite is the founder and host of this inspiring journey that combines her two
greatest loves: culinary delights and personal growth. On the parallel path of personal
growth and self-discovery, after tumultuous childhood and death of her husband,
Dajana embarked on a quest to understand the incredible power of the mind. After
she quit her Investment Banking job, Dajana qualified as a life coach and set up this
programme to inspire people to believe and achieve anything they want in life.
Mindset Kitchen is a place where inspirational people bring their three key mindset
message, and Dajana creates their favourite meals. As she cooks, they exchange
stories and invaluable mindset messages that have the power to nourish not just our
bodies but our minds and spirits as well. Through Mindset Kitchen, Dajana aspire to

inspire, empower, and connect with individuals seeking personal growth and well-
being. It’s a space where we celebrate the beauty of culinary creativity while tapping

into the profound wisdom that shapes our mindset. Whether you’re a food enthusiast,
a seeker of personal growth, or someone simply looking to add a dash of inspiration to
your life, you’re invited to join us on this delectable journey.

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