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Survive & Thrive

Navigating your way through life’s challenges by creating your own
power and strength.

This workshop will focus on increasing your self-awareness to strengthen your resilience. It
will help you to not only survive you day-to-day, but also find more moments where you can
thrive, find fulfilment, and feel more connected. We will audit and then build up your pillars
of resilience so that you can bounce back from life’s challenges a little easier. The
information we will share is founded in science and psychology but is simple and easy to
implement day-to-day to make your experience of a life, a little better, a little more
peaceful. We cannot take away challenges and tough times, but we can build our pillars of
resilience to find our own strength and power that we can rely on each and every time.
After all, life is made up of our day to day not just the big moments we wait for! Be ready to
learn more about yourself and create your own system of strength and power.

Annamaria is the founder of Bodhi Fit Ltd, which incorporates psychology, physiology, and
science to help you Awaken Your Best. We do this by helping you to strengthen your
resilience, open-up possibilities and create the life you want through coaching,
personal development workshops and fitness.
Annamaria has a background in Psychology and fitness specialising in positive well-being.
She has experience working with addicts and brain trauma clients, young children, university
students, and entrepreneurs. Annamaria is a practising life coach, facilitator, instructor, and
keynote speaker working with individuals, groups and corporately. Annamaria believes each
of us have the power and ability to improve our experience of life by increasing our self-
awareness, mastering our mind, and utilising our physical fitness to change our mood,
perspective, and actions.

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