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Wake Up & Yoga Flow (all levels)

It’s a proud boast but I guarantee that this is the best morning vinyasa class in East Berkshire! It is also far better than shopping!

Learn how to flow like a flowing thing... If you’ve been to any of my classes, including Park Yoga, this class will be the same combination of strength, conditioning, movement, balancing, wobbling, dancing warriors, 3 legged dolphins, and sleeping swans, taking the best of everything, removing the dogma and adding some fun.

Learn about the practice, your body, how to move, the postures and even how to breathe, 45 minutes will flash by, and it could just be the best 45 minutes of your day?

If you’re lethargic, this will lift you, if your wired this will calm you, if you’re not bothered this will engage you...

If Marks and Spencers did yoga, this would be it.
Inflexible bodies are welcome, young and grownups, everyone is welcome to join in and start their festival on the right foot – or the left - Richard"

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