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Yoga Flow & Breathwork (all levels)

Discover the power of your own breath!

Through the power of conscious breathing, this class will help you tune into your
intuition and deepen your connection to your inner self. This is an opportunity to
witness, feel and delve into each conscious breath that you breathe whilst
connecting your breath to your body and mind.

We will start with waking up your body with Yoga Flow. You will breathe consciously with awareness as I then guide you through down regulating breathwork allowing you to soothe your
nervous system and find stillness. We will end the session with a guided meditation
leaving you feeling rested and relaxed. This class is suitable for all levels including
anyone who is new to Yoga and Breathwork, it can help you to find a place of calm
and also reduce stress and anxiety.

I am Lucie, the founder and owner of Lucie Bee Fitness, I am a qualified and certified
Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Barre Instructor, Personal Trainer and Breathwork & Ice
Bath Facilitator.

My aim of Lucie Bee Fitness is to hold space to provide you with a little bit
of ME time and an opportunity to help you slow down and find a moment of calm
in the chaos that we live in.  I focus heavily on the connection between your breath,
body and mind, aiming for you to improve and maintain a positive mindset.  By me
guiding you through various modalities that I teach and helping you maintain a
positive mindset, this can help to improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety,
increase confidence, improve sleep, increase self-awareness, along with many other
benefits.  My ultimate goal is to help you understand your breath, body and mind
better, encourage you to progress over time and achieve your goals.

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