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Kickstart your handstand (all levels)

We are pleased and excited to host @hannaonhands workshop at our festival. Whether you have been handstanding for years or have never attempted one before, Hanna will guide you and give you something new to try!

Hanna, originally from Germany, started as a Yoga teacher in 2016, fell in love with Handstand some 5 years ago, and never looked back. Hanna has trained and practised with some world-renowned handstand teachers, and is still a regular student of Sainaa @london_school_of_hand_balance_ Yuval Ayalon and Miguel Sant'ana.

This workshop is aimed at beginners and intermediates to give them a taste of the upside-down world of handstands. As there will be no wall space, the workshop will be limited to floor work and kick-ups, with partners supporting and partnering for safety. She will go through some flexibility and mobility exercises, dynamic warm-up exercises, and useful drills and techniques and explain the importance of these in relation to being able to get into, hold, and one day be in a beautiful straight handstand.

Most importantly, give it a go and have some fun; you never know, you may also catch the bug.

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