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Core Connexion



Inspired by the core principles of Pilates and the connection between physical and mental health, our trainers use both classical and contemporary approaches to create meaningful and challenging classes, open to all levels.
Our intimate classes enable us to provide a personalised approach to each session, with the required attention from your instructor.
At Core Connexion we are driven by a commitment to creating physical and emotional good with a focus on accessible and sustainable training.

Get ready to discover a stronger and more thoughtful connection to movement!


NB: These classes are only suitable for 18 years upwards. 

16 and 17 year olds can join but must be booked and accompanied by an adult at all times. 

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Dynamic Reformer

Dynamic  Reformer Pilates Session
(55 mins)

A combination of dynamic and challenging movement; this full-body workout targets overall strength, balance, mobility and ease in everyday activities.

Open to all levels, our instructors will guide you through a dynamic session.

Stretch Reformer

Stretch Reformer
Pilates Session

(55 mins)

A stretch session with a focus on breathing, mobilisation, flexibility, recovery, and relaxation. Decrease tension, reduce stiffness, and lengthen tight muscles.

Open to all levels, our instructors will guide you through a rejuvenating session.

Taster Reformer

Taster Reformer Pilates Session
(20 mins)

A 20-minute session to give you a feel for Reformer Pilates as you strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles. Open to all levels, our instructors will guide you through this introduction to Reformer Pilates.​

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What is your late-comer policy?
For our full 55-minute classes, we can allow people in up to 5 minutes late, after this we can’t allow late-comers due to health and safety reasons. 

For the 20-minute classes, as they are much shorter, it will be up to the Instructor if they allow a late comer to join after the class has started. 

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